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8-9 March 2024, International School of Lausanne


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Switzerland is home to many international schools, some 50 of which are members of the Swiss Group of International Schools - some might even argue that what we now think of as an international school is modelled on some of the schools established in Switzerland in the 1960s and earlier. The current schools are thriving, successful institutions and include some of the very wealthiest schools in Europe.

Exhibiting and participating in the SGIS Annual conference every March is a great opportunity for school suppliers of all kinds to develop contacts in these schools and fly your flag.

The Exhibition

The next SGIS conference will take place in March (8-9) 2024 at the International School of Lausanne.

The exhibition is an informal, table-top event arranged in the common areas of the host school (main foyer etc) where delegate footfall is forecast to be most likely.

Exhibitors have full delegate rights and are encouraged to attend conference sessions and presentations and network with delegates.

The event is a teachers' conference - at the conference earlier this year, attendance included:

  • 140 teachers, representing 35 schools including a head teacher, principal or director of a majority of those schools
  • In addition, 200 teachers attended from Institut Florimont which was the host school

In 2024 we anticipate attendance will be similar (though, of course the host school will be the International School of Lausanne).

Research and evidence-based practice

High quality teaching forms the bedrock of effective learning and student success, playing a pivotal role in shaping the minds and futures of students.

Skilled teachers possess deep subject knowledge. However, also fundamental is their pedagogical expertise, enabling them to present information in a clear, engaging, and meaningful manner. Effective teachers adapt their teaching strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of students, fostering a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

High quality teaching goes beyond the transmission of knowledge. It inspires and motivates students to become lifelong learners. The most effective teachers instil a love for learning, curiosity, and critical thinking skills in their students, creating an atmosphere that encourages exploration.

The 2024 SGIS conference will explore what research and experience says about how schools and teachers can ensure that their students receive the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive.

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