Steven, Steve, it doesn't matter so long as it has a V.

I am neither hip, nor trendy and won't use this page to tell you about my favourite process to make coffee.

What I'd like you to know, though is that I'd love to help you and your business serve your customers. I will help you select, set up and maintain the best devices and tools you can afford to help you and your staff do your jobs well.

Already have all the kit you want? Great. Let's make sure it's doing what it should for you safely and securely and keep it that way.

Take Mike, James and Nick: they run a great tennis club. The members love the place. Their kids' tennis programme goes from strength to strength. They are great coaches and run a successful business. However, even tennis coaches need computers and phones and websites and software and Wi-Fi and for it all to be secure so that they can deliver great service to their customers and members.

That's where I come in:

  • I look after their devices so that they are secure and updated
  • I design documents and certificates and flyers and email templates for them
  • I built and maintain a website so that they can promote and take bookings for courses and camps
  • This includes a CRM so that they have data about those customers
  • I built a Wi-Fi network across the club that members can use when they visit, indoors and out
  • I maintain their software-as-a-service subscriptions so that they are only paying for what they need
  • I'm on call to help them and their staff sort things out as needed (I can access their computers remotely)

I look forward to discussing your needs and whether we can work together.