Swiss Group of International Schools Annual Conference

Geneva - 24-25 March 2023, Institut Florimont


Exhibition and Logistics: Steven James (mobile/cell: +44 (0)7703335635).
Conference only: Jackie Chan-Kam
Venue: The conference will be held at Institut Florimont, Geneva (OpenStreetMap)

  • Exhibition set up: Thursday, 23 March from 17h00 - 22h00. Please complete setup on Thursday evening ready for start promplty at 8.00am on Friday)
    All displays must be ready for delegates to view by 08h00 on Friday.
    The school car park may be used for unloading on Thursday evening for set up, but please use the local public car parks otherwise (see below).
  • Exhibition conference day 1: Friday, 24 March 08h00-18h10
  • Apero (drinks/reception for all delegates and exhibitors in exhibition area): From 18h15 (6.15pm) - 19h30
  • Exhibition conference day 2: Saturday, 25 March 08h00-15h50
Conference Programme

Please refer to the SGIS website for conference programme information.

Before you Leave for Geneva

Selection of space

While specific space cannot be selected when you reserve it, the proposed floor plan accommodates the exhibition in one area where conference coffee and tea breaks will be held.

Exhibitor space location will be allocated by the conference organisers.

Conference Exhibition Listing Entry

Please submit a "blurb" about your company together with a logo for the exhibition listing. You may include attachments, weblinks, graphics etc - we will create an online catalogue for delegates to view.

Please supply this to Steven James.

You might consider using this to invite delegates to your stand to redeem an offer - create an irresistable enticement.

Please supply this as soon as possible to Steven.

Conference Registration and Badges

One delegate registration is included with your space. Additional registrations may be added at additional cost.
Badges and conference materials are issued at the conference.
Badges will be distributed to exhibition stands/tables during exhibition set-up.


If you need to make arrangements to send exhibition goods to Geneva, please follow these guidelines:

Please address your goods to:
[Your company name] SGIS Conference
c/o Institut Florimont
Avenue du Petit-Lancy 37
1213 Petit-Lancy

IMPORTANT: Please send for the attention of Nicolas STETTLER Tel: +41 22 879 00 82

Please instruct your shipper to pay any Swiss customs charges and local handling fees. (Send DDP: Deliver Duty Paid). Please do not expect the school to pay duty charges on exhibitors' goods imported into Switzerland (see notes below).

Important note about customs and import charges - please observe

All goods entering Switzerland are subject to duty. Please instruct your shipper to use Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) terms to deliver your goods. This will mean that the customs clearance charges and duty get charged back to your account and will eliminate customs clearance delays.

Please note that SGIS, Institut Florimont and Steven James cannot assist with shipping logistics, delays, or customs clearance costs and issues.

[Update 10 March] Your shipper or customs clearance agent may ask you for a UID (English, German) / IDE (French) / IDI (Italian) number for the school. Please use CHE-104.339.219.

If you have goods that need to be returned to their origin, I recommend using an ATA Carnet. This allows for temporary, duty-free import into Switzerland and free re-export (free of duty - shipping charges will, of course apply). Please remember, though, that everything declared on the carnet must leave Switzerland, so does not suit publicity material that may or may not be given away. Please discuss the use of a carnet with your shipper.

Return materials [update 3/3/23]

Please ensure that you or your representative has appropriate shipping labels and paperwork for any returning goods.

We will instruct exhibitors at the conference where returning items can be left to be picked up by your shippers. Please arrange for a collection to be made from the school by your shipper on or immediately after 27 March.

Travel, parking and Hotels

Nearest Airport: Geneva (GVA).

Parking at the school is very limited and you are strongly encouraged to use public transport. If you are driving, please use the public car park at Parking Louis Bertrand. The school car park may be used for unloading on Thursday evening for set up only.

Hotels will give you a free public transport card and you can travel to the City Centre from the airport for free, too. For more information, see

From the Gare Cornavin (City Centre) to Petit Lancy
There is a direct tram from the Gare Cornavin (tram 14) to Petit Lancy Place (Dir Bernex Vailly) then walk 5-10 minutes.

From the airport
Bus 23 to Petit Lancy, Bossons then walk approx 5-10 minutes.


There are of course lots of hotels in Geneva. The closest hotel is:

Hotel IBIS Genève Petit-Lancy
Chemin des Olliquettes 8
1213 Petit-Lancy

On Site

Stand Size, Structure and Information

The SGIS Conference exhibition is an informal event. Exhibition space is sold as traditional table-top (includes a table and two chairs) .

This arrangement occupies a space approximately 2m x 1m and offers the opportunity for the display of a banner stand or similar.

Attaching Graphics

Please do not attach graphics to walls or surroundings.

Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

The stand space rental includes a table, two chairs and Wi-Fi Internet access. See notes below about electricity.

Floor Plan

The organisers will assign exhibitors to exhibition space. We are confident that the space allocated to the exhibition at this venue is very good and there are very few advantages to being positioned in one location vs another.

Damage to Property

It is forbidden to make holes, insert screws, nails or other items into the walls, fittings, ceiling or floor of the venue. Painting or gluing onto the stand or venue structure is also prohibited (including the use of adhesive tapes). Any damage shall be repaired at the expense of the exhibitor.


Due to the arrangement of space, electrical outlets may prove problematic. We will endeavour to supply every table/exhibition space with an electric outlet. Please let me know if you cannot operate without an electric outlet.

220 Volts, AC is the standard electrical supply in Switzerland.

Switzerland has a different outlet to other European countries; an additional adaptor is required if you have electrical equipment with non-Swiss fittings - these can be used in conjunction with a standard European adaptor and are widely available at supermarkets and travel destinations such as airports - e.g. InterDiscount, upstairs in the departure hall of Geneva Airport. Also available at Amazon and Amazon (two different products from Amazon UK).


Please ensure that you have sufficient personal health, travel and commercial liability insurance for this event. Neither the host venue, SGIS nor Steven James assume any liability for health emergencies and accidents.

Display Installation and Breakdown

Exhibitors may set up their displays in the evening of Thursday 23 March 17h00-21h00 (5-9pm). Please do not arrive sooner than 5.00pm - the exhibition area will not yet be ready.

Stand preparation must be completed by 21h00 on Thursday 23 March.

The exhibition officially opens on Friday 24 March at 08h00.

Delegates and exhibitors expect the exhibition to be open until 3.50pm on Saturday 25 March.

It is a discourtesy to participants and other exhibitors to pack up early. Please do not start to dismantle your displays before the end of the exhibition. That said, all displays must be packed up and removed from the exhibition areas by 18h00.

Cleaning and Waste

Aisles, public and common areas will be cleaned regularly during the course of the event.

Please support efforts to reduce the environmental impact of exhibitions. Exhibitors and their suppliers are encouraged to do all in their means to minimise waste. Select appropriate amounts of publicity and be prepared to return excess materials to your own premises for re-use or recycling.

Each exhibitor is responsible for the disposal of waste produced during set up, during the exhibition and following break down. There will be space specifically designated for waste.

Please ensure that you do not leave any waste in the aisles, under your table or at your stand following the event.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Geneva at the conference.